Ambassadors Garmin Challenge Herning

Have you ever wondered how others train, eat, rest, for a race?

We will start a series of “Ambassadors’ Tuesday” until RACE DAY where you will find how our ambassadors are preparing themselves for the race. You can find them through our page or directly on Instagram.



Inge Kofod Hjøllund


My name is Inge Kofod Hjøllund, I am 51 years old and I live in Snejbjerg with my husband Claus. I have two adult children, 3 adult bonus children, and 2 bonus grandchildren.

On a daily basis, I work with logistics in a large textile company in Ikast, but in my spare time, I love to do triathlons. I have participated in the Garmin ChallengeHerning four times: twice on relay teams, where I swam, and twice where I myself have completed all three disciplines. This year will be my fifth race. In addition, I have also participated in various 1/4 distances and 1/6 distance competitions. Right now I train approx. 10-12 hours a week.

My best time is 06:01.58 – and maybe that’s why I got the nickname “The snail from Snejbjerg” 🙂 My favorite discipline is cycling, but in general endurance sports give me a kick: I am not the fastest in the field, but I have joy at completing the sport, that requires preparation, endurance, and a certain amount of stubbornness.

I have been fascinated by distance triathlon for many years, but never thought it was an option for me. In the autumn of 2015, a colleague asked if I would join a relay team for Challenge Herning-Billund in 2016. Yes, I would like that if I had to cycle. However, the bike section was already busy. Running was just not me at all, so if I wanted to join, I had to learn to swim! And, I wanted to join 🙂 I therefore joined Team Triathlon Herning to learn to swim. Before I looked around, I had both gotten to know new people and had signed up for Holstebro Tri and Silkeborg Tri. Without having participated in Challenge Herning-Billund yet. One can safely say that I was gripped by the good mood in the training environment. I have not regretted it for a second. As I sat on the couch in the evening after my first participation in 2016 on relay teams, I looked at my husband and asked if he thought I could do all three disciplines myself. The short answer was “yes” – and then I have been doing triathlon ever since.

My best training tip is to put on your training clothes before looking out the window to check the weather.



Lars Schmidt

Lars Schmidt



Bastian Peitersen

Bastian Peitersen

My name is Bastian Peitersen. I live with my girlfriend in Aalborg, where I study Mathematics and Statistics at Aalborg University on a daily basis. 

I ran my first triathlon race in 2015 and have hung on ever since. Mostly because I think it’s cool. It’s cool with the combination of disciplines that require a wide range of skills, and much more than just being fit. I train as much as the studies allow, which is currently between 18 and 22 hours a week. 

I get motivated by a lot of things. Most of all because I just like to work out. It’s my brain’s free space from school and it’s where I am with good friends. Of course, as the racing season approaches, the races also begin to help motivate. It’s easier to run some fast laps on the track when imagining a competitor who should not be allowed to run away. And in general, you just know that all the hours you put in come back to one on the big day.

If I had to come up with a golden tip for training then it is that continuity is more important than anything. It does not matter if you train 10 hours a week or 14 hours a week. As long as you keep going. If you are going to run your first tri, my best advice would be that it should be a show where everything must go wrong. Find the shortest most indifferent race you can where you can make all the beginner mistakes there are. As I said, a triathlon requires more than just good fitness. So go out to some small local rallies and just run because it’s cool, and consider it “exercise” in trisport. Even though you may have to sort out some other workouts to make time for these.

I first got a pro license in 2020 but due to corona, I did not get to use it. I hope to be able to change that for Challenge Herning. I race in the elite field.



Mads Staulund Jonsson

Mads Staulund Jonsson

My name is Mads, I am 31 years old and live in Tarm in West Jutland.

I live in the city with my wife Malene, together we have just become parents to little Carl in April 2021 and have a dog Molly.

I started out triathlon, and spent all my free time on the sport in 2015, since then I have completed 4 ¼ and 3 ½ ironman’s, and quite a few shorter distances. Now it’s just on a hobby level, but I’m still passionate about the sport and faithfully follow the professional races.

My favorite discipline is swimming, and on my last ½ distance in Aalborg it was 33 min, where I also had my best total time of 5 hours and 30 minutes.

In terms of training, it has just been carp season so I mostly come out with the fishing rod when I leave, it is not so much with a newborn in the house, but the running shoes and all the other tri-equipment are dusted off and I have lent myself to being able to be driving again, to the race.

My best training advice is: The best training is the one you get done.

What I’m most looking forward to is that shiver in my body, just before the starting shot sounds.

After a 2-year break, I look forward to feeling the rush once again.

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