Norseman winner, Julie Aspesletten, will race in Herning

Former runner, Julie Aspesletten raced long distance triathlon for the first time and took the win at Norseman 2021, one of the most difficult triathlons in the world. Only 5 weeks later, she will join the women’s elite field and race at Garmin Challenge Herning. 2 very different races, but only one same result?


Name: Julie Aspesletten
Age: 31
Favourite discipline: I`m a bit divided about that. In training, I would say biking, but in competition, I would say running 🙂



How did you get into triathlon?
I met my boyfriend (Kristian) in 2013 and he was doing triathlon, and still is. I travelled with him around in Norway and abroad following his racing. It looked so much fun and I got inspired. I was competing in running at the time and took the bike out for a spin sometimes. I tough about trying triathlon myself, but it took a while to get over the fear of swimming. However, when I did, I regretted that I didn’t try sooner. Now I absolutely love the sport, the variation, travelling and meeting people, and doing this together with Kristian. 

Why did you decide to race in Herning?
I`ve heard so much positive about this race and beautiful course.  I have family in Denmark and a lot of good memories, so I`ve wanted to go to race here for a long time.  I`m really looking forward to exploring the city of Herning on Saturday. 

What is your goal for the race?
This is my first time participating in the women`s professional field. I`m really looking forward to do the 70.3 distance again – It`s my favourite. I`ve made some improvements the last months on bike and swim and hoping to benefit from that on race day. But swimming is definitely my weakest discipline, and I know I will be a bit behind from the start. Then during the bike and run I hope to be able to work my way up and then see where I place myself in the end. I hope I will benefit from the experience in future races.

What does it mean to you to win Norseman?
Since I became familiar with the sport of triathlon and heard about Norseman I said I wanted to do the race someday. I didn’t think I would get the chance already this year. I had prepared myself the best I could, training had gone really well and I felt ready to do my first full distance. You don’t do Norseman alone, you do it with your support, and I also had my family and friends there with me. To share the day and take the win together with them was a fantastic feeling.  I had an amazing day, my body felt strong, and I got out the best of my potential that day. It gave me confidence in my training and motivation to keep ongoing.  

Do you feel recovered and ready for the Herning?
I took a while to recover from that race. When I get to Herning, it will be 5 weeks since Norseman.  I had a couple of weeks with easy training, and then a few days off due to a small flue. However, the last 10 days have been good, and I feel ready to go.

My next race: I`m going to Challenge Salou 3. October. 

Winning Norseman is an amazing achievement. What is your next goal?
 An international podium finish is something I strive towards


Pictures: Marius Nordby, Julie Aspesletten