GARMIN CHALLENGEHERNING will start again in Herning

After a year filled with cancellations and restrictions, GARMIN CHALLENGEHERNING is now looking forward to 2021, when the triathlon will be organized once again into the city. The starting shot is on June 12, 2021, and you can already register for the race.

There was no triathlon competition in Herning in 2020, but it will also be the only year without it. GARMIN CHALLENGEHERNING is once again ready to move into the city and welcome triathletes from around the world in June 2021.

“We are still sad that we could not complete the race this year, but it only made us even more passionate about 2021, and now we are finally ready for the upcoming new season”, says Tomas Vrzak, Head of Global Operations in CHALLENGEFAMILY and continues:

“We closely cooperate with Danish Triathlon Federation and local authorities to take all precautions in relation to COVID-19. We will continuously adapt the race so that everyone can safely participate”, he says. 

Wouldn’t be possible without the support from the city
It is the 7th edition of the  CHALLENGEFAMILY race in Herning, which is known as a fast race, where there is the opportunity to make good times, enjoy beautiful nature and not least experience a fantastic run throughout the city, which makes the event quite unique.

“Herning is an exceptional city to visit! It is full of amazing local people who make the atmosphere of the race unforgettable. We’ve met with incredible support from the municipality and all the volunteers who join the race every year. We are very grateful for that – it wouldn’t be simply possible without them”, says Tomas Vrzak.

Fortunately, support and joy are mutual
We are very pleased that we can once again look forward to CHALLENGEFAMILY triathlon in the city. It is a prestigious event that creates a great atmosphere and a lot of activity, which we also need to look forward to in these times”, says Johs Poulsen, Chairman of the Board, Culture & Leisure, Municipality of Herning.

This year, the race will be led by a new race director. It will be Lars Jonsson who comes from Herning region so the race will thus be in local hands.

“It will be great to be part of the team around GARMIN CHALLENGEHERNING. After a year’s break, we are just even more ready to give our performers and spectators a fantastic experience – we are very much looking forward to that. But we need help before the race becomes a reality and that is why we will ask for help from all volunteers from the last years as well as to cooperate with a local team that delivered the event on the top quality level in the past”, he says.

Naturskøn cykelrute, Challenge Herning