One of Denmark’s largest triathlon events moved to a new date. 

Everything was nearly ready in Herning, but the missing governmental clear statement of this year’s summer events in Denmark, have forced GARMIN CHALLENGEHERNING to move to September 11, 2021. 

– It’s a sad day in Herning and we regret having to deliver this news. We’ve been quite far in our planning and everything was nearly ready but we can’t put our athletes at that risk any longer and wait for further steps or announcements from The Danish Government. It might happen that The Government will change the current limits of the number of people gathering at one place just a couple of days before the race and then we may be forced to cancel the race on very short notice. That wouldn’t be a good solution, neither for the athletes, partners or we as organizers says Race Director Lars Jonsson.

Last week, The Danish Government made a plan for the reopening of Denmark. On that plan, the release of strict restrictions on people gathering is scheduled on June 11th – the day before GARMIN CHALLENGEHERNING. But at the same time, authorities have agreed to have a meeting before every reopening where they look at the current situation – so there is no guarantee what will be the next step and if current restrictions will be released or not. 

– We wanted to avoid cancelling the race at the last moment. In that way, our athletes know when they will be able to race in Herning again and can prepare for the new race date. At the same time, they will also have the opportunity to practice swimming, says Lars Jonsson.

The new date for GARMIN CHALLENGEHERNING will be September 11th, 2021. 

– We are thankful that we’ve been able to find the new race date together with our partners such as the City of Herning, the Danish triathlon federation, and local supporters. We can’t wait for that day as we all miss athletes and races a lot, says Jonsson.


Garmin helikoptermichelle and camilla